Compress JPG / JPEG to 50kb Online

60% Compression is an Online image compression tool to Compress and Reduce the large sizes (up to 50 MB Maximum File size is allowed) JPG or JPEG Images to lower file sizes without losing quality in kb like 500KB, 200KB, 100KB, 50KB,30KB, 20KB or even 10KB and download for Free without registration or login.

JPEG is the most famous organization for photographs on your sites and applications. Numerous JPEG records don't utilize ideal pressure, squandering significant bytes.

Make your site quicker and save transfer speed. JPG Size Reducer improves your JPG or JPEG pictures by 50-80% while protecting full straightforwardness to the base conceivable size.

Our JPG compression tool is available in multilingual:

JPG Size Reducer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to Reduce and Compress large JPG or JPEG file sizes online for free?

  1. Upload any JPG format image large size you want to reduce or compress to resize image JPG.
  2. Click on Upload Image, choose Adjust Size by Percent, and press 'Compress Image' button.
  3. The JPG format image will automatically compress to resize JPG format and a JPG format image download link will be provided
  4. Click on "Download Image" to download your converted or resized JPG image for free.

JPG Size Reducer

What is the Maximum file size to Reduce and Compress large JPG or JPEG?

  1. JPG or JPEG format image large size up to 50 MB Maximum File size is allowed you want to reduce or compress image.
  2. The compression ratio increase with the increase in file size, choose Adjust Size by Ratio/Percent, and press 'Compress Image' button.
  3. Our JPG Compression tool should be able to reduce image size in MB or reduce jpg or jpeg size in MB to KB
  4. Specialized compression for static sites.